The Allstate home office in Northbrook boasts a state-of-the-art, on-site fitness center along with easy access to Chicago's great cultural and recreational opportunities.

At Allstate, we understand that when our employees are at their best, so are we. That's why we offer a variety of development and well-being programs to encourage and empower our employees. We are committed to helping each employee work and live to his or her fullest potential.
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Allstate Benefits

Designed to fit the ever-changing needs of our employees, Allstate is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive benefits packages in the industry.

Employee and Dependent Life Insurance
Allstate's life insurance provides employees with options up to eight times their Qualified Annual Earnings (QAE). Available for your spouse and/or eligible dependent children as well. There are three coverage options to choose from provided you maintain the appropriate minimum amount of employee life insurance.
Group Legal
This plan provides access to a nationwide network of attorneys who can provide assistance with covered legal questions or problems.
Health Care and Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Account
Eligible employees can contribute up to $5,000 per year in pre-tax dollars to help pay for eligible health care expenses. Eligible employees can also contribute up to $5,000 per year in pre-tax dollars to help pay for eligible dependent day care expenses.
Allstate employees can choose from a variety of medical coverage options depending on their location. They also have access to dental coverage for preventive and diagnostic services, in addition to comprehensive coverage for many restorative and reconstructive services including orthodontia and TMJ services. Allstate employees can also take advantage of a vision plan that covers periodic exams as well as eyeglasses or contact lenses up to a designated amount.
Paid Time Off
Allstate provides eligible employees paid time away from work for vacations, family illness and absences. In addition to the Paid Time Off bank, employees also receive company-designated holidays.
Retirement and Savings Plans
The Allstate pension plan provides retirement benefits, at no cost, to eligible employees based on their eligible compensation and years of service with Allstate.

The Allstate 401(k) Savings Plan has Pre-tax (i.e., 401(k)) and after-tax employee deposit options. Eligible employees can contribute from 1% to 50% of their annual income; maximum deposit limits change annually. On pre-tax deposits of up to 5% of eligible pay, a fixed Company Contribution match is made, along with one that varies based on customer sentiment on three key drivers of loyalty as measured by the Company's Customer Loyalty Index. All Company Contributions are made in the form of Allstate stock. The Plan offers several investment options, along with the ability to make changes to your account on a daily basis. Subject to the Plan's terms, loans are available and rollovers will be accepted from other qualified employer plans. There is a 3-year vesting period for the Company Contribution match for employees hired after March 1, 2009.
STD, LTD and AD&D Insurance
All eligible Allstate employees have access to three types of protection. Allstate's Short Term Disability Insurance (STD) provides employees with benefits in the event they are unable to work due to non work-related illness or injury. Long Term Disability Insurance (LTD) provides loss of income protection to Allstate employees who become totally disabled and unable to work. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) awards two times the Qualified Annual Earnings (up to $300,000) in benefits for qualifying employees.
Work Life Supports

Allstate provides a wide variety of programs to help our employees grow both at work and at home.

Adoption Reimbursement
Eligible employees may receive up to $5,000 to help with expenses associated with the legal adoption of a child less than 18 years of age.
Buckle Up Baby Program
Free infant car seats are available for eligible Allstate employees.
Childcare Discounts
Allstate offers an on-site child development center at our Northbrook office. We also offer nationwide childcare discounts.
ConSern Education Program
This program provides eligible Allstate employees, or family members, with access to a wide range of education loan options, including private and federal loans for undergraduate, graduate, and private (K-12) school.
Employee Discount Program
Special discounted pricing offered exclusively to eligible employees and their families.
Flexible Work Arrangements
Allstate offers schedules to fit your needs (may vary by business unit and need).
Good Life
Good Life is a comprehensive wellbeing program for Allstate employees and families.
LifeWorks Employee Resource Program
Free resource to help employees find more effective ways to manage their work and personal commitments.
The Good HandsĀ® People Program (Allstate Insurance Discounts)
Employees can enjoy exclusive discounts on automobile, property and life insurance, and the Allstate Motor Club (varies by state).
Education Supports

Allstate encourages all its employees (and their families) to continue to learn and grow so they can reach their fullest potential.

Allstate Foundation Matching Grant Program
The Allstate Foundation will match the personal contributions of current regular full-time and part-time employees to accredited institutions of higher education (gifts must be least $25, but not larger than $5,000).
In-House Education
Allstate offers more than 1,500 courses to improve individual and corporate business performance. Best-in-class technical, interpersonal, business knowledge and leadership development sessions are available along with an online Learning Resource Network (LRN).
Tuition Reimbursement
This program provides monetary assistance to full-time and part-time employees pursuing undergraduate, graduate, IT certification and insurance designations. Find out more.